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2014 has been a rough year, or at least the last third has been a rough year due to Ralph’s health issues.

But here we are in 2015. I am not going to make any resolutions, but here are some wishes, changes, goals, and events that I would like to see for this year.

1) Ralph to gain 10 good pounds. Not due to edema. Muscle and fat would be good.

2) Direction from all of his doctors together regarding effective measures to restore his health.

3) I would like to simplify my life.

4) I want to get rid of more stuff. Last year I took several trunk loads of stuff to Goodwill. A large, old four bedroom house with walk-in closets and a full basement can hold a lot of stuff. I am not a hoarder, just a forgetter. Out of sight, out of mind they say…and there is plenty of room here to put things out of sight.

5) I would like to see Mary get succeed at a full-time job and move toward independence. Maybe get her own apartment.

6) I would like to move to a smaller place, with fewer maintenance needs and outdoor chores. (Part of simplifying my life).

7) Patty to get into grad school and move away from home.

8) Patty to get her driver’s license, and help me with some driving chores this year before she moves away.

9) Will is in the process of trying to buy a house. I would like to see him do that.

10) Do more things together with Ralph. The last few years, as the kids graduated from college, I’ve had more “free time.” I filled up that time with choir, our local writing group, my scrapbooking group, my quilting group, and other activities. Ralph’s health problems have brought a screeching halt to all of this. I think/hope he is starting to feel better. I want to be very careful about what I add back in. I want to include something that is “us” time on a regular basis. And I did go to scrapbooking and quilting last month. Those are once a month meetings. Writing was twice a month, and choir is a big commitment (once a week and some Saturday rehearsals, plus Sunday). I need some ideas for “us” time.

What do you hope to see for 2015?