Last night I made a decision for the good of my husband. I took his phone this morning and blocked one of my brothers from his account on Facebook. He doesn’t know it. He’s not internet savvy and I am not planning to tell him. Lord, forgive me. But I can’t convince him to unfriend my brother. So I blocked my brother for him. We don’t need the grief.

This is how my brother responded to Ralph questioning Trump’s behavior regarding North Korea.

“You should not display your ignorance so openly. This is Memorial Day weekend, when we remember the men and women who died in service for our country. Shut up with panty waste politics of self loathing.”


“Evidently you do not know anything the lame stream media hasn’t told you. Remember with respect those who are fallen. Take up your idiotic politics after the holiday.”

The second was in response to a civil question from Ralph asking what my brother’s opinion was.

Ralph was upset. And told me about it. I told him that I have unfriended my brother some time ago. I don’t need his, his wife’s or his son’s abusive treatment. I don’t know why they are so bitter. I told my other brother that I was going to block him from Ralph’s account. My other brother said good. You don’t need the grief.

Shortly after that my youngest daughter sent me a message. “Block him.”

Enough is enough.