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“I will just live in a box, then,” said Will when he was eight. This was in response to my insistence that he do a better job sweeping the floor. I had said that learning to do housework would prepare him for living in his own apartment when he grew up.

My boy is planning to be a homeless person, I thought.

Flash forward 16 years, and Will moved into his own apartment.

Another three years and…

Will is in the process of buying his first house. He is very excited. So are we.


I can visualize little ones coming down these stairs in his house on Christmas morning. Some day.

The house has passed inspection and the appraisal. It’s just a matter of time before he signs the papers.

He began by looking for a two bedroom apartment. Then someone from his church suggested that he buy their house, so they could move to Florida. The house has been flipped. New wiring, new roof, new furnace, and all the appliances.


When he was eight, he had therapy at school, at home, and with outside therapists for his autism. Now he has a good job and is buying a house. Amazing!

I can’t wait to sit outside on his back deck with a cup of coffee.