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The Big C – Cancer has entered our lives. Two weeks ago, my husband, Ralph, had a bone marrow biopsy. He has had a blood disorder for 22 years, thrombocythemia, so he has regular blood tests to evaluate the effectiveness of his medicine. So when his last blood test a month before the biopsy showed a spike in his platelet count and blasts in his blood, they adjusted his medicine and set him up for a bone marrow biopsy.

The bone marrow biopsy came back positive for myelodysplastic syndrome – a cancer of the bone marrow. We went to a different doctor the next morning, and he was set up for a port insertion, and chemotherapy to start on Monday. It seems lightning fast.

We haven’t begun to ask enough questions or even know the questions to ask.

The plan is for him to have a stem cell transplant in six months. If they can find a donor. If he can gain enough weight (He is 6’1″ and weighs 141 pounds, and it has been on the downward trend). If his cardiomyopathy is mild enough. Nevertheless, chemo starts next week.

I am going to open this blog back up. The focus has changed. We still have two kids with autism and one without. We have issues and needs that are not typical for people with normal adult children.

This is a journey we don’t want to go on, but we go with God.