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A few weeks ago, I was diagnosed with an inflammatory/autoimmune skin condition. I began to wonder what other parts of my body might be inflamed.

To Google, the source of great knowledge, I went looking for diets for people with autoimmune/inflammatory disorders. Paleo diets and The Whole30 popped up.

After doing some reading, I decided to do the Whole30, which in my mind is a detox plan.

For 30 days, I have to avoid all grains, alcohol, added sweeteners, legumes, and dairy, and industrial seed oils.

I am allowed to eat vegetables, fruits, protein, healthy oils, nuts and seeds.

This week was the perfect week to get started because Ralph and Patty are at Will’s house. They are house sitting while he is in Seattle. Really, they are there for his cat, Grant. Grant has congestive heart failure and needs to have his Lasix every other day. It also gives Ralph a chance to get out of the house and have a change of scenery. I feel better that Patty is there with him. However, while they are away they eat all sorts of foods that are not good for Ralph. But it’s out of my control, which may be a good thing for a week.

So while Ralph and Patty are away, I’ve started this diet. Within three days I noticed that my digestive distress is gone. I am rarely hungry for food not on the plan (although I did sort of want a chip when Mary was eating a small bag on the way home from work this week). I have avoided cupcakes, Panera bakery items, and On the Border Catered in meal at work, without much trouble. Because I am full, satisfied with the good food I have eaten.

Mary is very enthusiastic about this diet. She is enjoying the home cooked food. And since it’s just the two of us, we both have leftovers, delicious leftovers, to take to work each day. Mary is not on the diet, so she supplements her food with rice or noodles, and she is eating other snacks. It’s a lot better than Tyson chicken strips and tater tots.

Since Ralph is gone for the week, I am driving Mary to and from work every day, which adds about an hour of extra driving to my day. I have bought some paleo diet books (some of them bargain books). I have been bringing one of the books in the car each, and Mary has been reading recipes out loud, and suggesting what I should make next.

Today or tomorrow, Ralph is coming back. He won’t be on the diet, but I will give him the opportunity to eat the delicious things I am making, supplemented with whatever he wants to eat. Otherwise, he is free to cook for himself. I think/hope he will enjoy what I am eating.

Today, I am going to try roasting vegetables. I’ve never done that. I think I’ll be looking at garage sales for a dutch oven for roasting. I might make some bone broth. My cooking skills are very basic, but a lot can be done with spices, oils, and vinegar.


(Chicken, sweet potato, and sauteed mixed vegetables – Yum)

PS: In other news, Mary’s story of employment is going to be presented to the House Ways and Means Committee in the next few months. 🙂 She is a success story for Social Security Ticket to Work Program.