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In about an hour and 25 minutes, Patty and I are supposed to leave the house and travel 400 miles to visit the town and university where she will be studying for her master’s degree. In history.

She doesn’t have her license yet, so she will not be driving. By the time she moves down in August, we are hoping she will be driving, although she won’t have a car right away.

We are going to look for an apartment that is close to campus and a grocery store and is safe. Is that too much to ask? The apartments are going fast….so I hope we are not too late.

We are planning to stop at Will’s house for breakfast on the way. That is about 100 miles away. 1/4 of the journey.

7:00 a.m. is our planned departure time. It is now 5:57 a.m. I am nearly packed. I have to wake her up. Get Breakfast. Get moving. So why am I sitting here, writing this?

This is the beginning of getting my second child out of the nest (she is the youngest). Today, we’ll see the place she will be living. At least we’ll see the university where she will be studying. And hopefully find the place.

Mary plans to move out next May. We could have an empty nest within the year. 🙂