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“You are seeing the successful culmination of your life’s work,” said my psychiatrist this morning.

I have been seeing this psychiatrist for treatment and maintenance of my bipolar II disorder for almost 20 years. He has seen me struggle through most of the years that my kids have had the diagnosis of autism. He asked me how my kids were doing.

I told him…

Will is working for the largest computer company in the world. He has been to Seattle twice in the last two months. He bought a house this winter. He struggles occasionally due to autistic features, but he is very successful. I always think of Will first when asked to give the news about my kids. Perhaps because he has spread his wings and taken off.

Mary has been working at her job as a IT help desk at a call center, and she is enjoying it. She is saving her money so she can move into an apartment next year, about this time.

Patty is preparing to move away to grad school. 400 miles away. She will have what amounts to a full ride. We are hoping to go down to visit the college in a few weeks in order to find an apartment.

We have almost met our goal. Our life’s work is almost complete. But I must admit that I want the gravy, too. If I ever have grandchildren, I would like to enjoy them for a while. If our children make their homes far away, I would like to have the strength and means to travel and take vacations to see them. Travel has never been part of my life. I hope Ralph can go with me. These are things that we have given up in order to complete our life’s work. But if they never happen, I think I can be satisfied with fulfilling our calling.

Where I am right now is where God has called me to be. I heard that song on the radio a few days ago. It so speaks to me right now.