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Will let us know, with a little glee in his voice, that he is going to have the burden of going to Tampa next week. In the winter, no less. For business. Sense of humor, that boy. I admit I feel a little uneasiness over his travels. Patty says he should make sure he gets to see the ocean on this trip.

In other news, Will told me this on Tuesday that he is going to have turkey meat for sandwiches for the next several weeks. At 9:30 at night, he said he would be taking the the turkey out of the oven. I guess helping me with my turkey adventure twice, gave him some practice. When Will moved away from home two and a half years ago, I couldn’t have imagined him making homemade tortilla shells, let alone a turkey. He takes on cooking projects many young men his age wouldn’t even think of. His idea of a Christmas present is a good sized bottle of sage, thyme, and powdered garlic.

Creative and not afraid to try something new.