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This is the first fall since 1991 that the Kilter family does not have someone starting school. 23 years since school started for our family. And now, it’s over for us.

Mary is in a 15 week training program, but it started in July and will end in a certification test and possible job in a government call center. And Patty will be a teacher’s assistant at the college she graduated from this last spring. But she is not taking classes;she will be grading tests and taking attendance.

But no one is starting a program leading to a degree this year. No one. It feels foreign. Strange. Odd. I feel at loose ends.


No school buses. Although the only school buses our kids rode were special education buses. We didn’t have to deal with school bus woes.


No tuition payments. Why am I not more flush with funds? Still recovering I think.

Wow. Just wow. Looks like this update is mostly about the end of one chapter, and the beginning of several others – the kids are going off in their own directions, and we, Ralph and I, have to think about our next chapter.

In other news, Will made it back from Tennessee just fine.