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Ralph just received his 30-day warning last night. He is going to work today on high anxiety. He is three weeks shy of his 62nd birthday. He could collect Social Security, but his job carries the insurance for all of us. His company was bought out by a large corporation, and his new supervisor has had it for him since June. They forced his old supervisor out, along with many long-term employees.

Patty is in a full blown panic as she is beginning her senior year of college and is afraid that she will have to drop out, both due to insurance and finances (although this semester is paid up, and she has money in her account for next semester as well).

I am just trying to keep it together as we face an impending crisis. This may be a blessing in disguise, as Ralph has been struggling to keep going with the miserable working atmosphere, both physical and mental at his job.

Will has offered to help us out. And he will, I know. He is that kind of adult.