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I have today off. It is lovely outside after a long cold rainy spring. I am sitting here, sorting through bills, records, and old school documents. I want to simplify my life by getting rid of unnecessary flotsam and jetsam.

And I am faced with a conundrum….should I keep the IEPC’s? Should I give them to my adult children? Or keep them in a file cabinet that they can access when and if they want to see them? How will they feel if they read them? Parents of neurotypical kids have a lot of records to keep. Parents of kids with special needs usually have boxes worth of stuff. I have to winnow this.

Mary might be hurt and confused by her records, though she surely is aware of them on some level. I am not sure how Will would feel. But I am absolutely sure that Patty would like me to throw hers away….Burn them.

Of course, I’ll keep the awards (and give them to them when they want them), a few sample report cards. I’ll ask them before I throw anything away.

I have just a few mementos from my own school years. A report card, one of my brother’s kindergarten report cards (I don’t know why I have it, but I need to get that over to him!).

It’s nice for everyone to have something to remember their childhood by.