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Mary just received a call from the nonprofit she interviewed at two weeks ago. She will be starting next week for two four hour shifts on Tuesday and Thursday, and she will keep her other 6-hour a week job at the homeless shelter.

When I got home, Mary told me that they wanted to hire more than one person. And also, if she did the job well, there could be an increase in hours. Mary was right; the interview did go well.

The interview came about in part because her caseworker helped set up the interview and advocated for her. And her supervisor at the homeless shelter also probably gave her a recommendation. And Mary has confidence and competence because of her volunteering for a year and then doing paid work for the homeless shelter.

She has a chance to prove her ability.

One more step toward independence. One more step toward leaving the harbor.

Patty, my youngest daughter, says it could happen sooner than I think.