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Mary received an email this week from the non-profit organization that interviewed her on Friday. The interviewer said that he would call her on Monday afternoon. Then he sent another email saying that he was too busy, and that he would call her in the morning. He never did call her. So she waits. I was a little excited, but now I am not sure what to think.

In the meantime, Mary worked more hours this week at the homeless shelter. It is Easter, and many Christians give more money and gifts in honor of our Lord. She worked three and a half days. She will work a few more hours than usual this coming week as well.

I wish that the homeless shelter would give her a more permanent position with more hours. She has more than proved herself there. And, in terms of Mary’s list for the ideal job, it is easily on the bus line. It is one block away from my job.

In other news, Mary is going to Goodwill this next week. She is going to participate in training job coaches for Goodwill. She is going to speak to them about her resume.