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Well, it turned out that Will did not cook the ham for our Christmas dinner. All of us went to see the Hobbit, except for Ralph (who was home with the flu). Ralph put the ham in the oven. After the movie, I  took the ham out of the oven and prepared the rest of the Christmas Dinner. Then I prepared a plate for Ralph and took it to him in the bedroom. So the main dish was still cooked by a man in our house.

When Ralph and I were first married, I worked at a bookstore. I bought far too many books, most of which have been given away. But we still have the Betty Crocker Christmas Cook Book, printed in 1983. Bright green. We have used this cookbook for every Christmas and Thanksgiving since. Ralph makes the main dish; I bake cookies and desserts from its pages. After 26 years of use, it was starting to get ragged, spilled upon, pages falling out, etc. So I found another copy on eBay (since it has been out of print for years, and most modern BC cookbooks are way too healthy), and gave it to Ralph for Christmas last year. He was delighted, sort of. He is a sentimental kind of guy – and preferred the old cookbook because of all the memories. But to humor me, he accepted the new, unspilled upon cookbook.

Ralph gave the old Betty Crocker Cookbook to Will this Christmas. As I type this post, Will is talking to Ralph on the phone while putting a ham in the oven at his apartment. They are both looking at the same cookbook.