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Tiger, tiger in our tree. I see him looking out at me. Who knew, when kitten found that he….Would make his home a Christmas tree?

When first he shimmied up the tree…He was a kit, 2 oz, pound three,…Now 15 pounds, give or take…His climb doth cause the tree to quake.


He is the smartest cat of all…and with his polydactyl claws..He knocks ornaments off with fury…Picking them up makes me weary.

Tiger coos with delight…As he climbs up past the lights…Then hubby cries out with a mighty shout…Tiger, from the tree get out!

Then Mr. Tiger takes a flight…Over all the Christmas lights…Like a sparrow, like a robin…He just makes those lights go wobblin’

Mr. Tiger, in our tree…Why did you climb up so high? Did you think you are a bird? Did you think that you could fly?

Tiger, tiger, in our tree…Again I see him look out at me…Who knew, when kitten found, that he…Would make his home a Christmas tree?