A study has come out indicating that having influenza and a fever during pregnancy can cause autism.

I know that I was sick for about 8 weeks before Will was born. I don’t remember if it was the influenza or a cold. I do know that I developed bronchitis as a secondary infection and that I cough so hard that I bruised a rib or two. My doctor gave me antibiotics after I asked for them. I was afraid that I wouldn’t have the strength to push during delivery.

Did I make a terrible mistake by asking for antibiotics? Or was it a terrible mistake to allow that secondary infection to go on so long? How can we possibly know? Or can we possibly keep from blaming ourselves for things that we have little control over?

And how do you explain the fact that his sister also has autism (Asperger’s syndrome) without maternal influenza? I could have had a cold during that pregnancy, but I don’t remember.

My personal theory is there may be a predisposition toward autism (genetics) combined with a variety of triggers (environment). That is just my feeling about it.