Will took two PTO (personal time off) days off and came home for the 4th of July, Independence day; that is, he visited us at our home for five days. It was good to have him home. He spent time playing video games with his sisters and talking with us. He also spent some time helping us shampoo the carpets. I bought him some groceries for helping us.

We have been nagging him about getting some real furniture. So he could barely keep secret the fact that he had purchased a couch for his apartment. He wanted to surprise me when we came to visit him. It’s a nice couch. We visited him in his home. Today, Saturday, he is having a boxed mattress set delivered to his home.

I am still getting used to the reality that his home is 70 miles away. This is now Mom and Dad’s house. Our city is his hometown, the place that he came from, the place he was raised.