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My older daughter Marie is having difficulty achieving the next steps toward independence.

It has been difficult to find a job…her handicap is more evident than her brother’s. Her learning disabilities, while much improved, hamper her. Spelling IS important. She may not be able to spell well, but she can write a decent paragraph. Maybe dictation would work for her. She is good with numbers. Very good. She loves accounting. (Boring, utterly boring, in my opinion.)

This next week she is going to have an on-the-road driving test to see if she is capable of learning to drive. We received her in-house evaluation and she still has some of the deficits that resulted in the prohibition of driving lessons three years ago. But those deficits have improved enough that she is going to be allowed to take the road test.

Her brother has moved 70 miles away for his new job. She said she would like to hunt for accounting work in his city because the busing system is so much better and there are more openings in her field. However, she needs to find out if she can take driving lessons. If she passes, she will need to stay home to be instructed in driving. If she fails, she can look for work in her brother’s city right away.

Inability to drive is a barrier to employment in America, where the cities are far apart and public transportation is inadequate except in the biggest cities. In our city, she makes the decision about whether to apply for work or send a resume based on whether the location is on the bus line. Many positions are in the suburbs where there is no bus service.

She has developed many skills in her quest for independence. She can cook, do laundry, clean, and hunt for work. She can ride the bus independently and she enjoys walking downtown and taking herself out to lunch or meeting me for lunch.

She needs a miracle. Waiting for the next step is difficult. It seems an insurmountable barrier, a wall to climb over. However, she has surprised us before and probably will again.

I am praying that she will be a blessing to those who hire her and that they will be glad that they hired her.