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Will has spent his first weekend without us. And he is making strides in beginning his own life independently.

With all the technology that keeps us connected, we know a lot of what he did this weekend. When I went away to college, I survived on letters (real mail) and a 10 minute phone call once a week. We hear from Will daily, sometimes more than once a day to different members of the family. Eventually, there will come days when he is too busy to call or we are too busy.

He got his first paycheck, which was one more indication that this job is the real thing. He told me early in the day that he was going to buy a new 3-quart saucepan at Meijer, even if he had to pay full price. Later, he was excited to tell me that he found what he needed at Goodwill: a 3-quart saucepan and a silverware sorter for the silverware drawer; both at a 90% savings over buying them new. (His stint working at a Goodwill warehouse around Christmas time this past year opened his eyes to the bargains at Goodwill). He told me what he bought at the grocery store – five items. Not what I would have bought, but his choice. What he felt he needed. I remember having the same dialogues with my mother when I started out on my own (with my husband).

When he did his laundry this week, he told me that he ironed all of his work clothes because he didn’t want any wrinkles. Wow.

On Sunday afternoon, he told his Dad that he went to a small group meeting at his church, with eight couples of varying ages, and had dinner with them. He found out that at the church he has chosen (been led to) there is another young man working at this same large corporation, a bit further along in the process, another person who is a programmer. And a professor of computer science at huge state university who is responsible for luring giant corporation to open a branch in Will’s city. Amazing.

This coming weekend we are planning to see him again, with all of us this time. His younger sister, Patty, is finally done with exams, so she has time to go. She said, she finally had the freedom to really miss him, and let herself feel her emotions. She is the only one who hasn’t seen his apartment.

We will bring him a few items, plus homemade cookies. I am on vacation this week, so I have time to do some baking.