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My son bought his first car this week with some of his money and a loan from us. He is quickly learning the costs associated with car ownership. But this is an important step in the transition to independence.He paid the taxes, the registration fee, and bought a new license plate. On the day he brought it home, it had problems. That can happen when you buy a car for $1,700.00.

He has been riding the bus independently for four or five years, and he is confident in his ability to do so.So are we.

He began to learn to drive with the help of the local driver rehabilitation program, at the age of 21. (I have learned long ago that part of the long patience of dealing with autism is waiting for the right time. My kids usually achieve milestones later than other people’s children, but that topic will wait for another post.) He drove with the instructor for three months once a week. The instructor said that it was not safe for him to drive yet and that he needed three more months of instruction. After that, he drove with us for six months.

He got his driver’s license in the fall of his junior year in college. He was so happy.

He graduated from college in May and has been looking for work ever since. He has had one part-time and one full-time job. He needs to get a job, but not having a car is a real barrier.