Among the first inklings that my oldest daughter, Mary, had special needs was when we could not get her potty trained. We questioned her pediatrician about this, multiple times, and he said that she would be potty trained by the time she was in college. As she approached five years of age, we finally found a method that worked from the book “Potty training without tears.” Among several methods, the one that worked was for children with special needs.

Among the first inklings that my son, Will, had special needs, he twisted himself around in his high chair, closed his eyes so the lashes were almost shut. He was playing with the lights. Later, when he could reach the lights, he flicked them off and on constantly.

The first inkling that my daughter, Patty, had special needs was when the therapists and doctors suggested that we test Patrice to see if she also qualified for special education placement. She did.